zines on Etsy

I love that there is still room for the printed, hand-assembled, stapled zine in today’s world. Of course Broken Pencil magazine has always been devoted to these indie publications, but another place zines are thriving is Etsy, where a search for “zine” brings up over 75, 000 results. It’s hard to quantify the impact the very idea of zines had on me as a teenager, but I think the DIY publishing ethos has inspired and stuck with me ever since.
zines on etsy

1. A Short Zine About How Leonard Cohen Is Totally AWESOME by Hannah Sheehan

2. Keepers’ Kanzine by Antiquated Future

3. Japanastic by Dana Damki

4. Winners & Losers by Whatever and Co.

5. Forest Tales by Jen Tong

6. Afloat by Harry Diaz

7. Juniper Girls by Anke Weckmann